‘New Zealand Web Reconnaisansse with WhatWeb’ at Kiwicon III

I was a speaker at the annual, New Zealand IT security conference, Kiwicon, in Wellington this year. I spoke on “New Zealand Web Reconnaisansse with WhatWeb”. Kiwicon is fast growing a reputation as a conference of the highest international standard.

Talk abstract: Ever wanted to web scan all of New Zealand but didn’t have the right tools? Me too, so I developed WhatWeb, a next generation website identification scanner. With stealth-mode turned all the way up to 11 it’s less intrusive than the Google crawler and eminently suitable for large scale internet scanning. Look foward to juicier web statistics than at NetCraft.com and a guided tour to the unindexed websites hidden among NZ’s 6 million allocated IPs. The web space is littered with voip phones, web cameras, printers, routers and bizzare devices to amaze and astound you. WhatWeb will be officially released at Kiwicon 2009.

Tools published at the Kiwicon conference:

  • Whatweb – next generation webscanner. Whatweb homepage
  • bing-ip2hosts – Enumerate hostnames from Bing.com for an IP address.
    Bing.com is Microsoft