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Who is Andrew Horton aka urbanadventurer?

I have been in the information security space for over 10 years. During that time I have been fortunate to have been providing services to some of the world’s biggest companies and working alongside some of the most elite ethical hackers in the world.

I am currently acting as an advisor to multiple startups in the fintech and blockchain space. Throughout 2018/2019 I have been frequently traveling to focus on the life side of the work/life balance.

Professional Profile

Andrew Horton has been a principal security consultant at some of the most elite information security consultancies operating out of New Zealand and Australia while serving clients globally.

Andrew is best known for his open-source software contributions to the security community, forming part of the standard arsenal of penetration testers and blackhat hackers alike, along with mentions in university textbooks and professional methodologies. You can find his contributions in Kali Linux, the most popular Linux security distribution used daily by security professionals.

With a focus on technical security testing for over 10 years, Andrew has delivered ethically hacking services for web applications, internal networks, Internet infrastructure, SCADA networks, mobile applications, wireless networks, ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) terminals, embedded devices, and so much more. He has been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to deliver realistic advanced threat simulations, from targeted spear phishing campaigns through to red teaming engagements.

Beyond penetration testing, Andrew provides advice to startups, mentors up and coming security professionals, occasionally gives conference presentations, and also hosts the popular information security news aggregator at morningstarsecurity.com/news.

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