I’m now in Melbourne, Australia

I have barely used this blog at all and it’s time for some updates. Let me know if you actually read this blog…

Since January I have been living in Melbourne, Australia and working as a security consultant for Stratsec. I’m keen to hear from other infosec people in the area. Before that I was in Wellington, working for Security-Assessment.com, New Zealand’s coolest IT security consultancy.

So what’s new? Late last year I did a couple of presentations at Kiwicon V. The presentations are:

1) Abode Vulnerabilities. Learn how to bring hardware hacking closer to home by hacking New Zealand’s most popular garage doors. This project is powered by the Arduino, the opensource hardware platform that makes electronics more accessible.

2) Decrypting the Cloud. This is a cautionary tale about failed opsec, weak crypto and misplaced trust in the cloud. Take a guided tour through a treasure trove of cracked ciphertext booty including CCs, SQLis, 0days, password dumps, and more.

I haven’t published anything on this website about these projects yet. I’m considering making page for the Arudino Garage Door hacking if there’s sufficient interest.